The Colonel Mustard Proudly Presents its 2016 Season

Coming this summer . . . .
WANTED: Robyn Hood (And Her Merry Men & Women)
August 25th, 26th, and 27th at the empty lot on 9th and D Streets

With the help of dozens of creative and talented volunteers, the Mustard will present its latest musical production three times in August 2016. 

Robyn Hood  follows a mysterious female outlaw in a Western territory oppressed by its cruel and greedy governor. The story explores many Western tropes about the nature of heroism, the role of women in society, and social hierarchy. 

More than anything though, Robyn Hood  is a fun adventure for people of all ages, presented in a particularly unique fashion.

The show’s staging will be presented as theatre in the round. As such, audience members will enjoy a unique perspective sitting around the stage as cast members act out the many legends of the town's heroine, Robyn Hood. 

The show is the Colonel Mustard's most ambitious project to date, with a cast, crew, and orchestra of over 75 people and a set that will take months to design and build. 
Coming this fall . . . .  
Dr Quinn: The Musical!

A revival of an old Mustard favorite. 

Coming this winter . . . . 
Christmas in One More Try

A Mustard Christmas album event.